Blog Anxiety

I’m laying here wide awake, mind reeling with all the details I’m trying to cram in my head about blogging. I will think I’m ready to commit to this venture, then sit down and find its not as easy as it seems. Nothing ever is- Headers, widgets, & profile pages, oh my! I wish I had a tutor to get me through the setup of my blog, then I would only be responsible for posting. The writing part is the simplest, for me anyhow. It’s all the tech that slows me down:/ I am in the process of switching from one blogging format (?) to another, and I am intimidated by all the lingo I’m not familiar with. Part of me still rebels against not picking up a pen and paper to begin my writing- I didn’t use a computer until high school after all! Thank goodness for Pinterest and all of the great blogging moms and dads that I have as examples, I might actually be ready to write a second blog post in the near future. I’m not aiming for popularity. I just hope to be able to vent, share experiences, & maybe help other people out in some little way. Thinking of it as an online journal helps me- I’m not on stage alone, just part of the larger “chorus” that is the blogosphere.